Frequently Asked Questions

What is allows producers to have an easy and direct link to feedlots. It allows producers to enter information on cattle they want to sell and send that information to up to 5 feedlots to receive a quote for their cattle.

What is a Request For Quotation or an RFQ?

Producers are able to send a Request For Quotation or RFQ to feedlots. An RFQ allows producers to enter information on their cattle they wish to sell, the information is filtered and matching feedlots are displayed. Producers can then select up to 5 feedlots to send the RFQ to. Feedlots will then review the information and return a Quotation for the cattle.

How long will it take for feedlots to get a quote back to me?

All RFQs are personally viewed and returned by feedlots, so response times will vary. Factors may include feedlots schedules or the day and time an RFQ was sent through.

Am I able to send a Request For Quotation (RFQ) to more than one feedlot?

Yes! Producers are able to send up to 5 RFQ’s at a time to receive quotes for their cattle.

How do I send a Request For Quotation?

Please see attached video below.

Can I use an agent to help with selling the cattle?

Yes absolutely! Spotbooked enables producers to sell their cattle as they always have. The site is designed to allow producers to get quotes for their cattle easier. They are welcome to complete the transaction with help of an agent if that is there preference.

Are distance measurements 100% accurate?

Distances are a guide to assist in estimating freight costs. Ensure you satisfy yourself on distances and freight costs before committing to sending your cattle to a feedlot.

Do all feedlots have the same T&C for purchasing cattle?

No, ensure you do all due diligence prior to sale. If you are unsure of the selling process or the feedlot, we recommend you use an agent to assist you to complete the transaction.

Do all feedlots have the same curfew periods?

No. Ensure you check each feedlots requirements’ regarding curfews. Feedlots do vary for their curfew periods, distances and shrinkage so ensure this is taken into account for your cattle’s weights.

Instructions for Producers

How do I create an RFQ?
How Do I Respond to an Offer?
How Do I View Details of a Feedlot?